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Progress report and coping with the BFN

A part of me still hopes fr a miracle pregnancy. I know I should not question the will of God and I know that I should stop blaming myself for the BFN….. but its really difficult.
Thank you Sabihah and Emilion for your words of comfort and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

I should start looking into adoption now… right now I feel that my body and spirit may bot be brav enough for another IVF attempt… but then again time is a great healer.

I have finally completed another Montessori assignment and I think its necassary for submission. I feels as if I have lost interest in the course now… because I was planning to home school my own childor children. (sigh).


June 30, 2009 at 10:40 am 4 comments

Another BFN

My blood test on the 18th showed another big fat negative. No pregnancy. No baby. Yet again.
Everyday it seems to get a bit easier… I try not to think about it… I try not to think about thinking about it. It hurts

June 24, 2009 at 5:26 pm 4 comments

I feel as if I am not a complete neurotic. Its 5 days since my fet, we transferred two 8 cell embies and I am so scared. Been taking gestone shots once a day and 6mg of progynova morning and night. I seem to be analysing every single symptom for eg… I have a full sensation in my tummy some side and back pain… am trying so hard to be positive. I test on the 18th. Am nort sure if these symptoms from the meds I am on or what..Sending out Positive vibes to the universe

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The Human Pin Cushion

Its a rainy, misty,cold evening….
I cannot wait for my dh to get here now…. its a week already…. I miss him.
My endometrium has grown to 8.5 mm and I have started with gestone injections last night. Ouch… a family friend of ours is a dr and he will be administering it forme every night till Monday night. I suppose I will have to give myself the shots from Tuesday since dh is so afraid of needles.

ET is scheduled for Monday morning. They will be defrosting all five embies (including 2 8 celled and three smaller ones.

I am nervous and excited at the same time.

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Makeover Madness

I Had a fabulous day today, despite the terrible weather. I splashed out on a new hair cut and colour. I got some highlights put in … its a huge change for me…. not sure about the blonde/ brown streaks ….. I have had loads of compliments so far.

One more day till I see my RE again and God willing my endometrium will be nice and thick…. then it will be all systems go.

I have been taking Rescue remedy whenever the anxiety gets to me and its saving my sanity.

I also got out my IVF companion Cd and its also helping to calm the nerves alot.

Hold thumbs for me.

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Update from a cold cold Cape town

It feels good to be around people who love you, especially when you are going through a trying time. Dh is 1000 kilometres away and I miss him so much.
As my endometrium is only 7mm thick, the re has increased my progynova to 4mg three times a day.
Seeing him again on Thursday, hopefully the endometrium would be thicker.

My ET will be scheduled for Monday, God Willing.

My aunt is taking me to visit Baitun Noor – a place for unwed mothers – it should be quite interesting

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