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post valentines day and trying to keep the love alive

While I am happily married, I came across this article with some insightful tips on how to keep the romance alive in a relationship. Take a browse:

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need:
Passion (you cannot rekindle a fire where there has never been a spark)
A little bit of time
A little bit of playfulness
A little bit of money
post it note love! A NOTE A DAY Buy a pad of sticky notes (I do not want to do an advertsiement for post it notes here, but they are my preferred ones).Write a couple and keep them on hand and as your better half leaves for the office, slip one in his/her briefcase, shirt pocket or purse.What to write on the notes? how about:I can’t wait to see you tonight!I will be thinking about you all day!As you read this note, I will be preparing myself for you!Get the idea? Come on, I know you can get creative. The simplest of notes will work wonders and start getting your significant other thinking and daydreaming about you.
quail-in-rose-petal sauce recipe PETALS…LOTS OF PETALS!Petals make any woman, (even a man for that matter) go nuts. Rose petals have forever been a symbol of love and passion, and they ooze a scent that tantalizes your senses. So I ask, if something so simple is so romantic, why not use it?How?Here are just a few ways you can use petals…by the way, florists will sell you bags of them or art supplies stores have a silk version- just as sexy, and reusable! The scent? not a problem -just get a rose spray and spritz it on.* On top of ceiling fans and turn the fan on as they walk in (on low)* Bring some to a restaurant and put them on the table* Inside an envelope with a card or letter* Floating in a bowl of water – with or without floating candles* Placed in the book your sweetheart is reading* Surrounding your mate with petals while he or she is sleeping* In a crock pot with a little water for a beautiful smell as they walk in, the perfect preamble for a romantic???(Remember the movie – Like Water for Chocolate? How about that audacious recipe for quail-in-rose-petal sauce, that had every one sweating at the dinner table? Well, talking about roses just ignited that memory! I can just smell and taste it, ooh la la, the delicateness of love entering your body through every sense is just too powerful.
candles add a romantic touch CANDLESWhen matched up with step 2 (rose petals) you are in for the romantic ride of your life!There is just something about a candle lit room that sets the atmosphere for romance…so go ahead set a beautiful table, two placemats, matching napkins and all, and bring dinner (Burger King if you must). But watch the mood lighten, the smile comes, and the night evolves into something special, all it takes is a little something!Now for those who really want to bring on the romance…try a buying gourmet food from his/her favorite restaurant, or even cooking it yourself, there is no better way to say I love you, that with food.Tip: get them what they like, in the colors they like…tonight is all about pleasing them, not you!
Step4A MASSAGE:Yes! I am not kidding, Do you want to have the most passionate sex of your life? Start our with a full bosy massge, but not the 5 minute (then you are all over them kind) this is the kind that will make them want you, but you grab their arms and keep on massaging, it’s all about hightening senses. Do you dare? Get a simple Body oil (Neutrogena has one that is a light sesame formula, it smells great and warms the body and hands). best of all you can get it anywhere.By the way, remember the sticky note?write one in the morning, saying:Present this tonight at dinner and recieve a full body massage and…!You will have them drooling all day.
romance VI (google images) DATE NIGHTThe problem with most couple nowadays is the stress tha kids, the inlaws, you name it…it gets in the way of love and romance in a couple.All the couples I know that truly love and adore each other have a date night, they make it a point to reserve one night a week (not a year!) for each other, and nothing gets in the way of date night. NOTHING!I once knocked on the door of my parents bedroom during date night and mom yelled out, you better be bleeding to death! So I ran off. Get it?

Tips & Warnings
Make sure you decide that you will do anything for your significant other…anything.
Make sure you remember how truly wonderful your life is beacuse of them
Don’t try everything together on one date. So you overwork, overspend, and them decide not to do anything again for six months!

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